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MENSDO Breakfast

The MENSDO Breakfast is the perfect way to start your day! Savor the moment with a variety of our handcrafted croissant or order a package for your loved one

The package is complemented by the all-new MENSDO Lamougin or the classic MENSDO Bissap…your choice. Also enjoy the Ayeko nuts and our rich MENSDO Honey. 

Bon appetit!

MENSDO Beverages

Pure… Authentic… African… are the words to describe our ever-growing beverage catalogue.

These finely brewed works of art pay homage to tradition.

Farmer Tom Shito

For quality, superb taste and a blissful culinary experience,

 FARMER TOM SHITO is the perfect product for you!

Ayeko Plantain Chips

Best plantain chips you’ll ever taste!


The best honey in the city…

About Us

We are committed to providing you with the finest food and beverage products. Our hallmark is quality, culture and consistency.

Our products are designed to satisfy anyone who identifies with ‘THE BEST’.

Welcome to our home!

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